• Getting Your Kittens Vaccinated? 4 Ways To Make The Task An Easy One

    If you have a litter of kittens you're caring for, either due to fostering or because one of your cats gave birth, you likely already know the long list of care they require. When they begin to move around more and before they are adopted out, it's essential that you take care of getting your kittens all vaccinated. Since vaccinations help protect your cat by improving their own defense system to keep them healthy as they grow up, it's vital that you take care of bringing your kittens into the vet for vaccines early on.
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  • Tips For Making Your Arthritic Cat More Comfortable At Home

    The limp when your cat walks and their reduced stamina has been diagnosed as arthritis. Your veterinarian will have some suggestions on diet changes and medication to ease the pain. There are also several ways that you can make your cat more comfortable at home. These tips help to lessen the aggravation of your cat's arthritic joints so they will continue to enjoy their time in your lap. 1. Follow the vet's diet recommendations.
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  • Oh My Aching Paws: 3 Things To Do If Your Labrador Has Interdigital Furuncles

    If you have a Labrador Retriever, you need to pay close attention to its feet. This is one type of breed that's susceptible to interdigital furuncles, or toe cysts. The reason is because their feet are webbed and the hair between their toes can become ingrown. When that happens, an infection develops which causes the cyst. Because toe cysts can cause pain and discomfort, your dog might start limping. If it does, you should inspect its feet for large lumps between their toes.
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