Getting Your Kittens Vaccinated? 4 Ways To Make The Task An Easy One

Posted on: 14 June 2016

If you have a litter of kittens you're caring for, either due to fostering or because one of your cats gave birth, you likely already know the long list of care they require. When they begin to move around more and before they are adopted out, it's essential that you take care of getting your kittens all vaccinated. Since vaccinations help protect your cat by improving their own defense system to keep them healthy as they grow up, it's vital that you take care of bringing your kittens into the vet for vaccines early on.

Let Your Vet Know in Advance You'll Be Bringing in a Group of Kittens

Scheduling the visit for getting cat vaccines done is crucial for making the visit a speedy and pleasant trip. In order for your trip to go well, you'll need to make sure that you contact your vet ahead of time to alert them of the number of kittens you're bringing in. With several kittens, your vet will need to get prepared and get the exam room ready for multiple vaccines to be administered.

Opt for a Large Carrier Instead of Juggling Several Carriers

While it can be tempting to bring your kittens in several carriers since you already have them lying around, this can make it much harder to bring them in. Opting for a large carrier that all of the kittens can fit inside comfortably will make a big difference in how easily you'll be able to get into the vet clinic.

Get the Kittens Tired Before Leaving to the Vet

One of the easiest ways to make getting your kittens vaccinated easier is getting them worn out before arriving at the vet clinic. Kittens can have so much energy, making it a good idea to play with them for a long time before leaving. This way, the kittens will be much more relaxed and easier for the veterinarian to handle as a result.

Provide the Kittens with Treats and Playtime as a Reward

Since this visit to get vaccinations is just one of many trips to the vet that your kittens will need throughout their lives, it's best to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. A good way to do this is by providing your kittens with treats and another play session so that they can associate the trip with pleasant memories.

As you prepare for bringing your kittens into the vet to get their pet vaccinations, it's important that you know what can be done to help your kittens feel at ease.