Avoid Unnecessary Stress At The Vet With 3 Tips For Your Guinea Pigs

Posted on: 4 July 2016

Bringing your guinea pigs to the vet may seem like a hassle, but it may be your only option if you notice that your guinea pigs are sick or you want something done, such as an exam or even getting your guinea pigs spayed or neutered. While a visit the vet can be a good thing for their health, you may be concerned about putting too much stress on them with the trip. Since guinea pigs can be easily frightened, it's important that you look into what you can do to limit stress and help make the visit an enjoyable one.

Keep Your Guinea Pigs Together if Possible

If you have several guinea pigs, it's a good idea to bring them in together. Even if you only have one guinea pig that needs care at the vet, having their cage mates with each other can help them feel at ease when in a new place. Many guinea pigs like to snuggle up against one another when frightened, making it important to bring the guinea pigs together in the same carrier when visiting the vet, regardless of which one is being treated or examined.

Exercise Your Guinea Pigs Before the Visit to the Vet

In order for your guinea pigs to release a lot of the energy that can lead to stress while at the vet, you need to schedule an extensive playtime beforehand. Whether you like to let your guinea pigs roam around a guinea pig-proof room or you have a variety of toys that you like to play with them with, it's important that you exercise your guinea pigs extensively so that they're comfortable at the vet.

Your vet will also be able to examine the guinea pig much easier when they are at ease.

Cover the Carrier When Driving and in the Waiting Room

Since guinea pigs can get easily frightened when being moved around to a new place, it's recommended that you cover up the carrier while moving. Simply placing a breathable blanket over the carrier can help block the vision of your guinea pigs, making them feel much more comfortable in the car and in the waiting room.

If you're unsure about bringing your guinea pigs into the vet because you're worried about stress, there are a number of things you can consider doing to help them feel more at ease. Knowing what to do will help make the vet visit easier on them and for you.

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