Notice Your Lab Is Walking With A Limp? 3 Ways A Visit To The Vet Can Help

Posted on: 27 June 2016

If you have a Labrador Retriever, it's likely that you already know just how active they are and how much they enjoy exercising. While this breed of dog typically enjoys moving around a lot, it's important that you're aware of the hip and joint problems they could have later in life. If you notice that your lab has been walking around with a limp lately, you should schedule a visit to the vet right away. With their advice in the following three ways, you can feel good about caring for your dog to the best of your ability.

Medical Tests Can Figure Out the Cause

If your dog is limping, it could be a result of a number of different health problems—ranging from a minor injury to arthritis or hip dysplasia. Whatever the cause may be, it's important that you look into getting medical tests run so that your dog can get the proper care. While it can be tempting to simply guess at what the problem is with information online, your vet can give you a much more detailed picture of what is causing the limping.

Surgeries and Other Treatments May Be Available

Depending on the cause of the limp, there are a number of different ways that it can be treated. While you may simply start giving your dog joint supplements if you were to attempt to treat them on your own, it's much better to rely on the advice of a licensed veterinarian. With their input, you can make sure that your dog is given the medical care they need. This can be in the form of anything from a surgery to a switch in their diet.

Check if There Are Any Exercises You Can Do

Another thing that your vet can help with is directing you towards exercises that you can do to help care for your dog. Going on walks on hard pavement may be putting unnecessary stress on their joints, making it best to stick with dirt paths and nature trails that aren't paved. Going for swims can also be good for their joints. The advice of your vet can help you ensure that your dog is being treated properly.

Scheduling a visit to the vet if you notice that your lab has been limping lately is the best way to ensure that they feel good again and that nothing serious is being left untreated.