3 Ways To Celebrate Your Senior Cat's Birthday With Pet Grooming

Posted on: 27 June 2016

While most people associate pet grooming with dogs, many grooming facilities also offer grooming services for cats. What better way to celebrate your cat's birthday as they reach their senior years then with an extensive grooming service? If you're unsure of what kind of grooming can be done by professionals for your cat, consider some of the following services and how they can benefit your cat.

Trim Down Your Cat's Nails

While it's likely that you trim your cat's nails at home, it can be difficult to reach the back nails and also to get the nails down to a dull and short length. With professional help by an experienced groomer, nail trimming can be handled carefully so that their nails are trimmed short and without any added stress. This can also be a good opportunity to get caps put onto your cat's nails, a service that can make your cat's nails look great and can reduce the chance of your furniture being damaged due to scratching. These nail caps even come in a variety of colors to help give your cat some style. 

Freshen Up Their Fur Without a Bath

If you've noticed that your senior cat doesn't smell that great, you may be interested in giving them a bath. However, most cats do not like getting wet and will get extremely stressed out when being dropped into water. A good alternative is to visit a groomer that has experience in giving cats a fresh clean smell without submerging a cat in water. This is typically done with moist towels and pet safe shampoo. Some groomers even allow pet owners to pick out a fragrance that they like the most, helping you to get your cat smelling great.

Grooming Can Provide a Thorough Exam

Another benefit that comes with getting professional grooming done is that the groomer can take a close look at your cat's skin and coat to check for any abnormalities. There is a possibility that your cat could have a lump or dry skin, making it important to visit the vet right away. Through an exam done by a groomer, you can decide whether or not a vet visit is necessary and get a detailed report on the condition of your cat's coat.

Pet grooming offers many benefits, especially for cats as they reach their senior years. By understanding what kind of services you and your cat will appreciate most, you can feel confident moving forward and getting the grooming services your cat needs. Talk to a business like Kenhaven Animal Hospital for more information.