Looking At The Reasons To Have Your Tom Cat Neutered

Posted on: 15 June 2016

When you first brought home your tom cat, he was a cute and cuddly kitten that you grew strongly attached to quickly. When your tom was a kitten, he was devoted to you and gave you hours of pleasure being loving and playful. However, as your male kitten grew up, he may have become more interested in the female cats down the street or in wandering until he found a female. Un-neutered toms can stay gone for days in search of a female. If you have not have your tom cat neutered yet, check out the reasons you should do so right away.

Reducing The Urge To Go Wandering

Tom cats are greatly influenced by the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is manufactured in the testicles and it is the reason your cute, cuddly kitten will start wandering when he comes of age to find a mate. Toms have been known to travel long distances to locate a female in heat. One of the worst side effects of a tom cat finding a female is the fighting he may engage in to win her from other competing toms. Your cat may come home days later with serious wounds from fighting. If your cat is not up to date on his vaccinations, fighting and being around a group of cats can lead to him catching diseases like respiratory infections and FeLV (feline leukemia).

Helping Your House Smell Better

Many tom cat owners know the worst smell in the world can be when their cats spray inside their home. Toms spray to mark their territory so other approaching toms will leave or be aware they are in another cat's range. You may have spent a great deal of money trying to clean your carpeting and furniture from your tom's cat spraying. Having your tom cat neutered will save you time and money cleaning and deodorizing your home.

Your Tom Will Be Less Aggressive And Easier To Get Along With

If you have kids and an un-neutered tom cat, you may have already treated many scratches. Toms tend to be more aggressive, especially as they get old enough to find their mate. You and your family can reduce the risk of infected cat scratches by having your cat neutered. You can have him neutered between the ages four and six months so you and your family may never have to deal with issues like aggressive behavior.

One of the greatest benefits of neutering your tom cat is having him around for longer. If your tom wanders off in search of a mate, he could end up being killed by dogs or hit by a car. Neutering your tom can save his life in more ways than one and add many years to your enjoyment of having him around.

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