Address Behavioral Issues With Your Vet For Your Cat After A Move

Posted on: 14 June 2016

After a sudden move to a new house or apartment, you may have on your hands a cat that is beginning to show behavioral issues. Unlike dogs, cats do not adjust as quickly to new places, making it important that you stay patient with your cat after the move and do your best to ensure that they're as comfortable as possible. If you've noticed some negative behaviors, it's a good idea to visit the veterinarian for help.

Marking Could Be Related to Anxiety

Many people assume that only unneutered male cats spray, leading to a lot of confusion if they notice their cat suddenly doing it after moving. It may come as a surprise to you that your cat may have started marking the walls, furniture, or other spaces in your home due to anxiety or stress from the move. If this is the case, it's best to leave your cat confined to a single room with the blinds closed and visit a vet for their help.

Excessive Meowing or Scratching and Boredom

If your cat has begun scratching your furniture at an increased rate or has been meowing more often, it could be due to them feeling bored by being in a new home that they're mostly unfamiliar with and afraid of. An easy way to help with this is to pick up a few of their favorite kinds of toys, sprinkle some catnip on the floors, and spend some time playing with your cat.

By getting your cat worn out, you should notice a decrease in behavioral problems.

Medications Prescribed by Your Vet Can Help

One of the fastest ways to get a solution to problems your cat may be having, especially marking, is getting your cat prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. You may not be familiar with how it works, but there are several medications designed to calm down pets, making it easier for your cat to be relaxed after the move.

Addressing the Problem Right Away Will Prevent Damages

After a move and unexpected behavioral issues occurring, it's a good idea to schedule a visit to the vet as soon as possible. What an urgent visit will do is ensure that your cat is that any problems your cat is dealing with can be treated right away, reducing stress on both you and your cat.

Scheduling a vet visit to occur right after arriving at your new home can help you get any concerns covered, along with ensuring that your cat will be well taken care of by the veterinarian. Contact a facility like Centennial Animal Hospital for more info.